Guest Posts

We will occasionally publish guest posts that are on theme — “Connecting community leaders to the resources of community flourishing” — and on topic: grant writing and grants management, persuasive writing for nonprofits, community development, neighborhood leadership, etc.

Want to add something to this conversation? We’re looking for posts that are well-written and convey your unique take on things. Above all, though, we want to publish posts that will bring a high level of value to our readers.

I reserve the right to edit guest posts, but I will do my best to give you a chance to respond to edits before the post goes live.

A few other notes:

  • We will rarely publish a guest post more than 600 words long, so be concise.
  • Make sure all quotes and references are properly credited.
  • Make sure to include a one- or two-sentence bio along with your submission.
  • Please be ready to engage with commenters.

Finally, have fun with it!

To submit a guest post, drop me a line at john [at] theresourcefulcommunity [dot] com.

Guest Post Link Policy

  1. When appropriate, please link to other posts on my blog—or just be aware that I might add those links myself.
  2. Feel free to link to your own content within the post, as long as it is relevant.
  3. Please don’t use your affiliate link.

Guest Post Image Policy

All images must be properly attributed and credited. If using an image not in the public domain, please forward me proof of permission.

Guest Post Reprinting Policy

As stated in my Copyright and Reprinting Policy, you own the copyright to your post. My permission guidelines do not apply to your work. If someone contacts me with an interest in re-posting or publishing your content, I will have them contact you directly.

The Grant Writing Process: 11 Basic Steps (PDF & Checklist)

How to write a grant 300

Writing grants for your organization is an adventure.

You wouldn't set out on an epic hike without at least a general understanding of the terrain ahead. So why would you set out on your grantseeking journey without an overview of what lies in store?

This eight-page PDF and checklist are the perfect place to start.

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