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TRC’s purpose is to strengthen communities by encouraging and equipping the schools, faith-based organizations, and nonprofits that serve those communities. In addition to curating the content on this site — which I hope will build the capacity of many organizations — I offer several other additional services to clients: Mentoring, Writing, and Editing, Nonprofit Development, and Asset-Mapping.


I love mentoring new grant writers. In fact, as I described in my very first post, discovering how much I enjoyed teaching grant writing is what inspired this blog.

There are four primary ways in which this happens.

One-on-one Consulting (Available Now): This offers the maximum amount of flexibility. For example, I can mentor your organization’s new writer, help establish a grants office, catalyze your persuasive writing efforts, serve as an objective observer to help discern what seems to be working and what isn’t, help determine if your organization is ready/eligible to start writing grants, compile and prioritize a list of grant prospects for your organization, teach a workshop for your staff, and much more. To inquire about availability for one-on-one consulting services, please use the Contact page or email me.

Online Course (Coming 2019): Go even deeper with an in-depth, twelve-module course. We’re putting everything we have into this. You can complete a module per week or go at your own pace. This will be the course for non-professional grant writers (and new professionals) who want to write breakthrough grants. As with the weekend workshop, course participants will receive hours of one-on-one consulting during the twelve months following the course, as well as hundreds of dollars worth of free bonus materials and services. In January 2019, we will be offering a beta version of the course. We are looking for folks who are interested in essentially becoming co-creators of the course, receiving the teaching and content at a fraction of the cost of the full course, in exchange for the feedback we need to make the training even better. If you’re interested, please email me or get in touch using the Contact page.

Mastermind Groups (Coming 2019): A Mastermind is comprised of a small number of participants who meet regularly to share knowledge, brainstorm new ideas, support each other, and keep each other accountable around stated goals. These are powerful, often life-changing groups, sometimes likened to having your own personal board of directors. My contributing writers and I are currently in the process of creating two Mastermind Groups. One is for staffers at nonprofits in Oregon’s rural Willamette Valley; the other is for new grant writers around the country.

Weekend Grant Writing Workshops (Coming 2019): A small-cohort weekend grant writing workshop. Not only will we go over the essential elements of great grant writing, we’ll workshop actual proposals that you’ve written — all in a venue conducive to collaboration and creativity. Workshop participants will also receive several hours of one-on-one consulting over the following twelve months.

The weekend workshops and the online course will both be beta-tested at a fraction of the regular price, in exchange for your valuable feedback on how we can make the programs stronger. More details are coming soon. To stay in the loop on all these programs, make sure to subscribe to the TRC Newsletter in the right sidebar.


I help edit grant applications and persuasive writing pieces for nonprofits. This can be especially helpful for an organization that has already completed a full, first draft of a grant but wants to do everything it can to take it to the next level. I use editing as an opportunity to explain what’s working, what’s not, and why. I prefer to receive a draft grant application at least one week before the due date, so please get in touch as early in the process as possible, to check my availability. I offer sliding scale rates for smaller nonprofits.


I have integrated grant writing into the overall community development work I do in my own region. That means I am currently limiting the geographic scope of my writing services to the Mid-Willamette Valley, with a special preference for rural communities in Marion County, northern Linn County, and southern Clackamas County, Oregon. Sliding scale rates are available for smaller nonprofits.

Nonprofit Development

David Johnson, Kate Pattison, and I provide a variety of supports to new and established nonprofit organizations. David and Kate specialize in visioning and strategic planning, helping your organization identify goals and develop systems in order to better fulfill its mission. David and Kate are also available for training tailored to meet the needs of your new or changing board, with a focus on director roles and responsibilities and improving the board’s effectiveness and efficiency. Together, we are available to evaluate board performance, mission-alignment, and capacity.


We love to facilitate asset-mapping workshops to help organizations identify the assets already present in their community. Kate and I have facilitated multiple dynamic sessions where groups transform their thinking and awareness from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. These sessions can last anywhere from three hours to eight hours, depending on the size of the group and desired outcomes. We have heard this described as a game-changing, and even a life-changing, activity. We can help prepare you to mobilize around the already-present resources.

To connect on a specific program or project, use the Contact page or email me.

The Grant Writing Process: 11 Basic Steps (PDF & Checklist)

How to write a grant 300

Writing grants for your organization is an adventure.

You wouldn't set out on an epic hike without at least a general understanding of the terrain ahead. So why would you set out on your grantseeking journey without an overview of what lies in store?

This eight-page PDF and checklist are the perfect place to start.

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