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I apologize for how infrequently I have been posting here these last few months.

Since July, I’ve had multiple speaking events, four weddings (including one in our backyard), a week’s vacation to Colorado, and two other overnight trips.
Oh, and we moved to a new house across town.
And my coauthor and I completed work on a Slow Church Study Guide that will be published next year.
And I recently accepted a part-time position as the first-ever grant writer for the Silver Falls School District — my local school district.
And this is on top of my ongoing rural community development work, my other writing, and my commitments to church, neighborhood, and (of course) family.


I’m glad to be settling in now to a quieter routine — both at home and on this blog. Tomorrow I will publish an epic blog post on the “ten places you should go to find your next grant.” It answers one of the most common questions I get from new grant writers.

The Grant Writing Process: 11 Basic Steps (PDF & Checklist)

How to write a grant 300

Writing grants for your organization is an adventure.

You wouldn't set out on an epic hike without at least a general understanding of the terrain ahead. So why would you set out on your grantseeking journey without an overview of what lies in store?

This eight-page PDF and checklist are the perfect place to start.

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