Why "The Resourceful Community"?

The origin story of the blog title...

I love how versatile the word “resourceful” is. In fact, resourceful itself is even a synonym for versatile.

The “Resourceful” in the title refers to the funding resources nonprofits rely on to accomplish their important work. It also alludes to the ideas, strategies, stories, and best practices that I want to exchange here with other passionate community advocates. The emphasis on what is present in a place rather than on what isn’t appeals to by own bias toward asset-based approaches to community development.

But what really sold me on the name was the etymology of the word “resourceful.” As a writer and editor, I have a close relationship with words. I spend hours every day thinking about words, playing and wrestling with words, and sometimes even fighting against words. They are tools but they are also family. Researching the history of a word can clear away the dust and cobwebs of time and reconnect it to a vital past. It's like discovering an ancestor I never knew I had.

That’s what happened with resource, which traces its lineage through an Old French word that means “to rise again and recover.” It shares a Latin root with the word “resurrect.” Paired with community—from the Latin word meaning “common”—the title evokes for me a vision of towns and cities across the country being renewed through the fidelity and care of dedicated neighbors: a common resurrection.

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